NEF+ alumni pitching event

Results from our NEF+ alumni pitching event

In early-2022, we hosted a virtual NEF+ pitch evening for our alumni to pitch their ventures to our wider Angel investor network. With over 20+ angels in attendance and 6 pitches featured, the events culminated in some great results of our NEFers and their ventures. 

We caught up with our alumni to see where they are now:


Ashley Staines – CEO and Co-founder, Volunteero

Volunteero is a B2B SaaS volunteer management platform. They closed a £550,000 pre-seed round –  of which £75,000 was from 2 angel investors from the NEF+ pitch event. 

Off past experiences, Ashley noted that most pitch events rarely lead to cash in the bank. From this pitching event, Ash also made some exceptionally valuable connections. This has helped with getting client and charity intros – “every person has had additional, valuable resources including their network and connections that were really helpful.”

“The NEF+ pitch event does what it says on tin. They are really good to pitch at as NEF+ has already provided the credibility for you. The investors that attend the events know they are looking at good people who have already been vetted by NEF+. Other pitch events you’ll be coming in cold so it really makes a difference to have that NEF+ credibility. “


CEO and Founder in the B2C beauty space

This founder managed to raise £35,000 from the event which helped to complete the full £105,000 SEIS pre-seed round.  Their investors have since been very engaged and helpful with strategy. Currently, they are looking to release new products and build our retailer relationships. 




Fleur Colvile (CEO and Co-Founder, Mix and Rise)
Fleur got to secure their first meeting with an investor which was a great learning experience, and a contact that she is keeping warm for an upcoming round. 

Maxx Turing – CEO and Founder of Startbook
Maxx pitched the venture to get exposure and feedback, and recommends alumni who are looking to raise, to take part.

Claudio Owusu – CEO and Co-Founder, Gusto Snacks
“The event propelled us to rethink our pitch and customize our narrative based on the audience. Now, we’re confident when speaking to investors as we are accustomed to their questions and terminologies.”

James Nightingall – CEO and Founder, HomeFinder.AI
“The alumni pitching experience was invaluable and a privilege. To be able to present in front of entrepreneurs who have created household brands was extremely rewarding and insightful.”



We’d like to thank our angel investor network for their active support for our alumni and NEFers. 

The February 2022 NEF+ Pitch Evening was a part of our alumni perk line-up – giving them access to our wider network and supporting them on their entrepreneurial journeys. Alongside this, our NEFers have received access to exclusive Speaker Events, alumni mixers, and further education through our partnerships with platforms like the Founder Revenue Academy.

Find out more about the NEF+ Programme here.