We’ve collated some of the active requests made by our alumni, in support of their ventures’ growth.

Updated: 3 May 2022


Please contact them directly through their provided emails if you’d like to extend your kind support. 


Venture: Voda (Mental Health)

  • About: A LGBTQIA+ digital therapy app developed with leading LGBTQIA+ psychotherapists
  • Ask: Help with reviewing their pre-seed investment deck, and introductions to angels and advisors who share their passion for improving LGBTQIA+ mental health.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2020’s Jaron Soh – jaron@voda.co

Venture: TFB STUDIOS (Fashion, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Circular Economy)

  • About: Improving the fashion supply chain by helping designers produce samples locally in London
  • Ask: Advice on how to raise £425k in pre-seed funding and introductions to any angel investors.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2022’s Misi Ogulana – info@fashionbleuprint.com




Venture: Adapt (EdTech)

  • About: revision timetable for A-level & GCSE students
  • Ask: Adapt has been approached by some larger EdTech companies about acquiring its complex tech, which is fully functional, validated and ready for monetisation (400,000+ users). They are interested in speaking to people people who might be interested in hearing about the acquisition opportunity, or people who might advise them on the process of exiting successfully.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2019’s Maud Millar -maud@getadapt.co.uk



Venture: Volunteero (Technology B2B SaaS)

  • About: A volunteer management platform for charities
  • Ask: Introduction to any charities, local authorities or NHS trusts, as they are looking to grow their client base.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2020’s Ashley Staines – ash@volunteero.org

Venture: Ilana (Fashion)

  • About: A store for luxury fashion brands & platform for fashion designers to gain expertise.
  • Ask: They are hosting a ‘Build A Garment In A Day’ hackathon for Fashion Designers this summer. They are looking for support with sponsoring a space or studio to deliver it, and additional sponsorship and support.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2022’s (Cohort 1) Samuel Ade – hi@ilana.uk

Venture: Hydra (Hospitality & Sustainability)

  • About: A B2B sustainable amenities company targeting hotels and airbnbs
  • Ask: Connections to a potential co-founder & COO, and additional connections within hotels, Airbnbs, rental companies or amenities distributors.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2022’s (Cohort 1) Ru Chulkova – ru@hydra.eco

Venture: Goodspeed (B2B Agency)

  • About: a no-code agency creating fully functioning MVPs in weeks, not months, for as little as $1,000
  • Ask: connections to any founders or teams looking for support to build a no-code product or platform.
  • Contact: CEO and NEF+ 2018’s Harish Malhi – harish@goodspeed.studio