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Ed East

Founder of Billion Dollar Boy

There are many people that do not have the networks or communities that can encourage them to take a risk and start their own business. Once you join, NEF really becomes your family and helps you with that. You are in a community where other people are on the same journey, which gives you that encouragement that you need.


Eliot Brooks

Co-founder, Thriva

As the founder of a business, you strive to hire multipliers – people who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them. We undoubtedly found this in our NEFer. Her drive, enthusiasm and dynamism have really helped drive the business forward in the last year.


James Beddows

Founder of RideTo

I got way more out than I ever could have imagined. I honestly didn’t realise how big the network side was. I went into it hoping for a catalyst and a launchpad for me to do my own thing, and to be surrounded by people who are all going through the same thing who would be able to motivate me and inspire me. I got all that so much more, including a lot of value from the NEF events and workshops, and the alumni network.


Kike Oniwinde

Founder of BYP Network

I got the opportunity to meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise – on the cohort everyone was from different walks of life and everyone helps each other. If I didn’t have NEF I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I have in terms of what can be done, and how to really grow your startup. I really don’t think that I would be where I am right now. My ambition in the next 6 months is to have a new platform, getting millions of downloads and be the leader in improving diversity in corporations – I want to be global!


Yang Liu

Founder of Just Wears

The best decision I made in 2017 was to join programme – it gave me more things than I expected, and has been invaluable. The powerful part of NEF is the whole community with you – alumna, business advisors, the current cohort. Each members brings a unique skills or perspective and each person adds a value – something that you cannot get anywhere else.

Giovanni Franzan

Founder of Yndica

The learning and development programme workshops have been very valuable to me. There is so much learning when the cohort gets together. In every workshop, I learned something new and the subjects we covered were incredibly important. The NEF network is also very valuable, the mentors and coaches shared opinions and knowledge that was very insightful and I’ve seen the benefits of the community with my own eyes.


Anna Cameron

Founder of Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea

I will be forever grateful to NEF for giving me the courage to leave my full-time job and turn my business from a side hobby into a growing, scalable enterprise. For me, the most impactful elements of the programme were the coaching and mentoring programmes and the NEF network. My coach and mentors gave me more time, patience, help, introductions and wisdom than I could ever have hoped for.


Samantha Lott

Freelance consultant

Sarah, my coach, has helped me to develop a way of thinking that I use in a variety of situations. I now have the approach and confidence to tackle any situation which comes my way. Coaching has been truly transformational in terms of my personal and professional development.