Wiser is an award-winning creative & recruitment company that combines culture and performance to change the way people think about work. 

Wiser believe that the best brands have the best people. And by that, they mean a diverse group of skilled and motivated people who are clear on the company’s purpose and the role they play in achieving it. Wiser combine their expertise in people consultancy, employer branding, recruitment, and people strategy to transform how businesses attract and engage talent. Wiser have helped some of the world’s best brands like Nike, Fidelity, NHS Digital, Just Eat, ASOS, L’Oréal, Knight Frank, Frasers Group, and lastminute.com.

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Executive coaching to drive sales opportunities

Wiser are no stranger to the power of the NEF+ programme, with a member of the founding team having been through the programme himself in 2012. Continuing to invest in their people team to drive more client value, they were clear about what they wanted to achieve from the experience. Enhanced development of a promising team member to drive new opportunities for the business.

An integral part of the NEF+ experience is the executive coaching programme that we provide to all participants. This runs alongside and supports the learning programme, allowing participants to maximise the experience in a way which is specific to their needs and the needs of their sponsoring company.

In this case Oscar had recognised that he needed help with his time management and organisation. In doing so he hoped this would free up capacity for him to be more strategic and spend time on real value add business development activity. After several years of trying, in just under 6 months during his time on the  NEF+ programme Oscar has achieved just that.


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  • How Oscar leveraged his learnings to increase growth
  • The diversity of thought and backgrounds in NEF+ that helped to drive innovative thinking
  • Oscar’s increased confidence to lead internally