NEF CEO Neeta Patel Listed in Smith & Williamson Power 100

Smith & Williamson

CEO Neeta Patel was recently featured in the Smith and Williamson Power 100 List 2017. The list recognises key figures in the UK business community who help shape policy, champion, mentor, support and promote entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Neeta discuses joining NEF 5 years ago and how the charity has supported almost 200 entrepreneurs since then:

To date, six cohorts have gone through the NEF programme. As a direct result, 65 ventures have been launched, creating more than 650 jobs. In total, the programme’s alumni have raised more than £12m in seed funding.

And as Neeta sees it, encouraging entrepreneurship is vital to the UK. “It is the start-up and scale-up companies that are creating jobs, she says. The NEF is part of a bigger picture of economic development. “A huge amount is being done to support entrepreneurship in the UK. There are more than 600 incubators and accelerators, and that’s amazing. Tax breaks for investors through SEIS and EIS are also hugely important. At NEF we are playing a small but very significant role in encouraging entrepreneurship.”


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Neeta Patel Smith & Williamson