NEF entrepreneurs selected to join Founders of the Future

Nine entrepreneurs from the NEF programme have been invited to join this year’s selection of the prestigious Founders of the Future community.


Founders of the Future Logo


Launched in March 2016 at 10 Downing Street, Founders of the Future uses artificial intelligence and trusted recommendations to uncover, nurture and guide young talent aged between 15 and 35 who are not currently founders, but exhibit signals that they will be. The organisation looks for for individuals who possess the unique coupling of capabilities – visionary and charismatic; lateral thinkers with clear evidence they can execute consistently; exceptional analytics; ability to deal with huge uncertainty and evidence of overcoming real adversity

Founders of the Future was launched by Founders Forum, a private network of the world’s leading digital and technology entrepreneurs started by Brent Hoberman ( and Jonnie Goodwin (Lepe partners).

We would like to offer our congratulations to the following NEFers!

Armin Kammerlander 2017

Armin Kammerlander

NEF Class of 2017
Founder – Tough Love

Besi Krasniqi 2017

Besi Krasniqi

Class of 2014

Commercial Manager – Paddy Power Betfair

Chris Butcher 2017

Chris Butcher

NEF Class of 2015

Founding a venture on Entrepreneur First

Giles Harrison 2017

Giles Harrison

NEF Class of 2016

Client Success Manager – Mention Me

James Beddows FF

James Beddows 

NEF Class of 2017

Founder –


Jason Malone 2017

Jason Malone

NEF Class of 2012

Product Manager – Graze

Katarina Tencor - 2017

Katarina Tencor

NEF Class of 2017

Founder – Co-Created

Natasha Goldstein 2017

Natasha Goldstein 

NEF Class of 2017

Founder – Co&Co

Sara Jones 2017

Sara Jones

NEF Class of 2016

Founder – House Of

These entrepreneurs join some some of the existing Founders of the Future members from the NEF community Anthony Sliver, Guy Riese, Hamish Grierson, Joséphine Goube, Tiffany Young and Videesha Kunklagunta.