NEF Pitching Day Round 2


Friday 9th May 2014, Impact, London.

Day 2 of the NEF pitching events was a bit of a slow starter for me unfortunately as I couldn’t get there in time for the morning pitches and had to just go for the afternoon session instead. So to round up on the pitches I missed first off:

Clare and Elliott, both from this year’s NEF cohort, teamed up to pitch their joint venture ‘Jaramba’. Jaramba is a web-based peer-to-peer rental platform for hiring electrical equipment. At the moment they seem to be focused on just audio and photography equipment, but you can check out more on their impressive new website here:

Greg Aubert pitched his new travel company Eclipse Travel Europe, which provides high quality and high end travel and tourism packages to the lucrative Chinese market. Knowing Greg he’ll have nailed his pitch in his usual fashion. Check out Greg’s lovely new website here:

Andrew Trott pitched his business UpCare which aims to disrupt the elderly care market. More on this one when I have it.

Michelle also pitched her venture, POTCY Kitchens. POTCY stands for ‘Product Of The City’, and is all about urban grown food.

On to the afternoon session and first up were Lucy Lynn-Evans (a former NEF’er) and her business partner, pitching their new range of bike lights under the name Veglo. Their pitch was quite well planned and thought out. Lucy’s presentation was very good and the information contained in the slides deck really emphasized the industry knowledge and thought that has gone into their innovative new product. The ‘Commuter X4’ is the latest product under the Veglo brand, it’s a whole new twist on bicycle safety lighting for urban commuters and you can check it out here:

Another NEF graduate, Nikita, then took to the stage to pitch her new venture Luxzari. This was a fantastic pitch, and a product completely off the radar of most in the room, but a very interesting business proposition and I think we were all intrigued and impressed with Nikita’s work. Luxzari is a new eCommerce website selling Indian wedding wear, or more specifically Saris/Sarees. The impressive bit was the opportunity which Nikita had identified here. The value and demand involved in these products is huge and Nikita’s disruptive approach will hopefully see her become the market leader for online purchases of Saris in the UK.

Josh Turner followed, and pitched his idea for a new high end sock brand by the name of Stand Socks. Josh is striving to disrupt the traditional sock market and put new, bold and bright designs and patterns on your feet. One great success in his pitch – Josh passed around different pairs of socks to the investor panel during the Q&A session as a talking point and to help demonstrate his vision – this seemed to go down very well with his audience!

Last but not least, Stephan Eyeson took to the stage to pitch his new twist on watches, Aikko. With Aikko, Stephan has decided to bring his own brand of wooden timepieces to the traditional watch market. This is quite innovative and a new trend in styles and materials. I hadn’t seen one before, but Stephan actually had a mock up of one of his wooden watches with him on the day, and even wore it whilst pitching on stage – a great move! We all enjoyed passing it round and interrogating it during the Q&A session.