NEF Speaker Series – Masterclass: The Art of Execution – 4th December



Our latest masterclass was delivered by two highly-successful entrepreneurs – Freddie Talberg (Founder of Pie Mapping) & James Beddows (Founder of RideTo) – who shared their diverse range of experiences in building businesses from scratch, and was hosted at NEF HQ in WeWork, Mark Square. 

The speakers’ business backgrounds were very different – Freddie’s expertise and businesses were B2C focused, while James’ venture is B2B – this resulted in a lively and engaging debate that contrasted the different approaches required to be successful in these two sectors. It’s fair to say that while they’re both experts in their respective fields, they dodn’t always agree, and gave the audience plenty of options to consider!

Some of the key topics covered in the discussion and the extensive Q&A with audience members that followed were: maintaining the balance between building solutions that solve today’s challenges and staying flexible to address new challenges; the criticality of really understanding your customers’ needs and building effective and long term relationships and having the self-belief that your business is going to be a success.

We thank our speakers for their enthusiasm, honesty and passion, and especially to James for stepping in at the last minute!




Freddie Talberg is founder and CEO of EMSOL (IOT Cleantech business), Smiling Barracuda (Training) and For the Fans (crypto token) and is a technology-focused serial entrepreneur with multiple exits including recently Pie Mapping ( He has a successful history of scaling businesses in the tech sector especially in; Transport, Smart Cities and Mapping. Having been in the Territorial Army for over 8 years, Freddie treats business like he treats the battle field, with discipline and plenty of head-on action”


James Beddows - NEF FastTrack 2017 - Centre for Entrepreneurs

James Beddows (NEF Fellow 2017) is the Founder of RideTo, a company making it safer and easier to experience the joy of riding a motorcycle. RideTo is the UK’s fastest growing platform for new riders to find the best training, bikes and gear, supported with expert advice.