NEF Speaker Series: Highlights from Women in Tech


On February 12th we had the pleasure of hosting the next edition of our Speaker Series – a panel discussion dedicated to Women In Tech.

The event was hosted by WeWork Labs in Shoreditch and focused on the experience of the women in the tech industry, featuring two experts in the field – Claudia Exeler, from Facebook Software Engineer and Rija Javed, CTO of Market Invoice. The evening was hosted by Alastair Lechler NEF’s programme director –talent, marketing & communities. The audience enjoyed a wide-ranging and insightful discussion, followed by some thought-provoking questions from the audience. Some of the notable area covered in the discussion were:

Overcoming imposter syndrome in leadership roles, establishing your self-value in a male-dominated industry and the importance of diversity within teams.

We would like to thank our speakers for sharing their experiences. We’re already looking forward to our next Speaker event on the 5th of March 2019, which will focus on recruitment for the NEF Class of 2020!



“Diverse teams build better products” – Rija Javed



“The value you have is about being different” – Claudia Exeler




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