NEF Workshop – “Developing Social Capital”


The day after the fireside chat, we all attended a full day workshop to discuss ideas and ways to develop our own social capital. In particular this workshop took a good hard look at the ways in which we leverage and take value from networking, introductions, communicating through social media etc.

The workshop was held at CCT Venues in Farringdon and delivered by Laura Williams from The Thinking Well. I’ve jotted down some of my notes from the day below;

Good Networkers:

–          Treat everyone as interesting

–          Make others feel safe

–          Introduce people to each other

–          Have charisma

–          Empathise with others

–          Have a sense of humor

–          Are able to laugh at themselves

–          Have their own special style

I’m not too bad at:

–          Listening, engaging, empathy, introductions

I need to work on:

–          Charisma, confidence, humor, introductions, empathy

10 second pitches: chance to outline my value proposition – what I do / who I help / what I can offer someone…

30 second pitches: more time, more chance to capture interest, more involved – add “I want to meet” / “I want to do”…

We then received a great talk from Robyn Scott, founder of both One Leap, and The latter is a website which helps to record and monitor introductions you have made, follow up on them and see what relationships, business opportunities etc. and great things have happened as a consequence of your introductions. I’ve since signed-up to and had a play around with the concept; it’s really quite interesting to see how powerful your introductions can be, and recording and following up on them can uncover some great stories that you otherwise maybe wouldn’t have found out!

A big take away from Robyn’s talk was the power of ‘quiet connectors’. Quiet connectors are those people who often aren’t recognised for their influence or are frequently overlooked in networking spaces, but whom often make brilliant and successful introductions and connections. They are the facilitators and connectors, connecting up people, causing new relationships and opening up a whole heap of possibilities in doing so. As Robyn says, ‘the role of the connector is becoming more and more important’.