Ed East (Class of 2012) is the CEO and Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Boy, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative next generation media companies. 


Billion Dollar Boy delivers curated and cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns that they manage start to finish for global brands. The company also provides the technology and tools for organisations to successfully transform the impact of social media Influencers for their brands. Ed was one of the earliest NEF participants, joining the programme after completing his degree in International Affairs in Virginia, US. Ed realised he wanted to be an entrepreneur early on, inspired by his father as entrepreneurship runs in their family! In recent years, Billion Dollar Boy has hosted and hired a NEFer, seeing the entrepreneurial thinkers as key talent for the growth of the business.

Billion Dollar Boy has gone from strength to strength in recent years, the team has grown from 8 to 30 in the past year, grown its portfolio of major global brands, expanded to the US and invested in technology infrastructure. Ed is on a mission to continue growing Billion Dollar Boy and to build an environment where his team thrives. His target is to hit a turnover of £10 million in the next two years.

There are many people that do not have the networks or communities that can encourage them to take a risk and start their own business. Once you join, NEF really becomes your family and helps you with that. You are in a community where other people are on the same journey, which gives you that encouragement that you need.  


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