As the founder of a business, you strive to hire multipliers – people who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them. We undoubtedly found this in our NEFer. Her drive, enthusiasm and dynamism have really helped drive the business forward in the last year.


Eliot Brooks, Co-founder & COO, Thriva (Class of 2014)

We partner with innovative, fast-growing companies to provide the work experience element of the NEF+ programme. Our NEFers work within these host companies for at least a year.

Over 60% of partner companies rank their NEFer in the top 30% or higher of new hires at a similar level. 88% of host companies had a positive experience hiring with NEF this year and 75% would recommend NEF to other high growth companies.

Roles filled by NEFers have ranged from executive assistant to the founder/senior team, product developer or business developer, to entrepreneur in residence. NEFers sometimes rotate across teams.

We partner with organisations across all sectors and of different sizes, including start-ups, SMEs and some more established companies.

Partner companies regularly report how NEFers are impacting their businesses. Specifically, their NEFers’ desire to continually learn, take initiative to solve problems, understand and solve more complex business challenges and bring a proactive attitude and mindset to the organisation.

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