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The journey of any founder is an exciting one full of opportunities and challenges. Yet, it’s no secret that it can be a lonely journey when starting on your own.

Having a solid network of peers can often be rocket fuel for entrepreneurial success. NEF+ is a programme centred around peer-to-peer empowered learning and founder growth.

With a focus on your objectives and real-world business challenges, we put you in a close-knit environment and provide you world class support and a learning programme. NEF+ takes the insights and real-world experience from successful serial-founders,  compressing years’ worth of lessons and mastery into six months of targeted development.

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it’s been 3 years since applying – 2 years since I’ve graduated from NEF – and that value is still growing and compounding. I completely underestimated the scale of the value that NEF+ provided and continues to provide. If you’re hungry to learn and discover things about yourself, whilst bringing a great idea to life, NEF+ is an invaluable way to get there. – Finn Sims, 2019. (Read his story here)



Your current stage:

  • about to launch, or have launched an MVP
  • moving on to the following stages or want guidance getting there
  • working part-time on your business and planning to go full-time (though, you may already be working full-time within it)


Obstacles you may currently face include:

  • wearing many hats within the business but lack direction
  • needing to work on your business (strategy) and in your business (execution)
  • wanting to focus on your skills as a leader to help develop and accelerate business growth


To you, success looks like:

  • finding product-market fit
  • sourcing operational support
  • gaining partnerships and funding
  • seeing your business scaling



Our acceptance rate is generally 7-10%, through a four-stage application process.

We first pass applicants through an eligibility filter to ensure that your stage and goals match our programme. We will then ask you to complete an application form surrounding your journey and startup idea. If successful, you will join us for a final interview with a C-level member(s) of our team and a key leader within our network. 

As last-minute applications will be vying for lesser places, we encourage you to begin your application as soon as possible.


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The fee for founder applicants is £3,000. It is a fraction of the total delivery cost of the NEF+ programme. As a registered charity, we leverage support from our donors to help cover programme costs.

We strive to celebrate our inclusive environment and continued support for underrepresented founders. We are able to provide additional support through payment plans. If you have a greater need, we will conduct a separate review once you have been accepted to determine how we might provide further fee-assistance.


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Interested in NEF+, but not a founder?

If you like the sound of the NEF+ and think it could be a great development opportunity, but aren’t running your own startup, we offer a company-sponsored option for entrepreneurial talent in fast-growth businesses. Learn more