After a decade of success, the NEF+ programme is opening for the first time to fast-growing scaleups, providing a unique opportunity to rapidly develop your own in-house talent.

When founders are scaling ventures, they hire expert talent to fulfil specific roles and duties. Maintaining that original startup energy and focus gets increasingly difficult as the business grows.

NEF+ will simulate a founder’s experience. We provide participants with a deep understanding of what it takes to run an early venture and apply critical thinking to growth challenges.

We enable participants to take a step back from day-to-day operations and look at the bigger picture and opportunities.

NEF+ for scaleups enables you as a founder, to have confidence in your future leaders, accelerating both their personal development and your business growth.

Participants will:

  • develop the critical thinking necessary to approach core challenges. This can help expand your business units and create new opportunities within your scaleup.
  • cover a vast range of core business functions to develop an ‘operator mindset’ (how they process information, carry out tasks and interact as part of a team)
  • explore and apply best practices & frameworks that will enable them to develop their tools and knowledge
  • feel part of a supportive and inspiring community. We provide tactical support that including mentors, coaches and programme alumni

NEF+ also provides wider engagement and networking opportunities for your senior teams, including:

  • dedicated networking events with other scaleup leaders, hosted by a combination of CFE, and our donors
  • speaking opportunities at NEF+ events
  • promotion and PR opportunities

Our programme’s condensed nature provides rapid development while remaining an efficient time investment. We focus on real business goals, problem-solving and innovation so that you can get the best out of your talented employees.

why use NEF+ to support your talent development?

Investing in your employees will contribute to your business’s growth and success. Sponsoring an employee on the NEF+ programme speeds up their personal development.

Our research has identified some clear patterns in the challenges talented employees face. We’ve tailored NEF+ to address these needs.

The scaleups who will benefit most from our programme:

  • are forward-thinking and innovative
  • have hired 20+ people, growing fast, and they have a strong focus on developing talent and the future of the business
  • are searching for ways to develop bright people within their teams. Team players who also show great potential for internal leadership roles

To you, success means:

  • accelerating the development of some of your most promising team members
  • enabling employees to apply critical thinking to business challenges and lead others as you scale
  • relieving the pressure of the founders currently spending time focusing on these areas

The employees you put forward:

  • are bright and entrepreneurial
  • have a growth mindset and are looking to expand their current knowledge and remit within your business
  • are promising individuals that have lacked the exposure to resources and mentors to allow them to level up
  • may not yet have the business or leadership experience needed to become part of a leadership team.

Our programme offers your employee:

  • a broad understanding of all business areas
  • access to developing their leadership skills
  • inspiration from other industries and peers
  • critical problem-solving abilities
  • an opportunity to feel more empowered
  • a renewed sense of motivation to the long-term commitment of growing your businesses with you

 The programme fee covers:

  • participation in the learning programme, including ongoing access to learning material and content
  • executive coaching and business mentoring support
  • invitations to exclusive events and networking opportunities
  • connections to potential investors and supporters

Read more about the learning programme


The standard programme cost is £6k (ex. VAT). 

This fee is a fraction of the total delivery cost of the NEF+ programme. As a registered charity, we leverage support from our donors to help cover programme costs.

getting started

If you are a leader looking to develop your key talent and empower your workforce in the most impactful way, you can schedule an initial discussion with Lance Tredell here.


Our next cohort starts April 2022, contact to learn more.