After a decade of success, the NEF+ programme has created a new route for companies to develop their entrepreneurially-driven talent.

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As your venture scales, identifying and leveraging your most entrepreneurial employees is key to growth. When provided with the right support, they become your best players to spark new ideas and lead exceptional teams.

NEF+ is a programme that puts your talent in a dynamic and uniquely diverse learning environment. With 15 in-person workshop days across 6 months, the programme fosters new business and leadership skills for them to take on your companies’ existing growth challenges and drive innovation internally. 

NEF+ is much needed in the entrepreneurial skills space. They develop entrepreneurial founders and intrapreneurial company talent through their 6 month course that focuses on igniting a ‘bias for action’ in their talent through biweekly business sprint challenges. It is for these reasons that NEF+ alumni stand out from the crowd.” – Brent Hoberman CBE, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of firstminute capital, Founders Factory, Founders Forum


Companies best suited for this:

  • are experiencing high-growth
  • are searching for ways to train outstanding people within their teams, before putting them in bigger leadership roles
  • may have received internal feedback from employees for stronger leadership and upskilling support


Talent that have benefited from our programme:

  • possess entrepreneurial traits like nimbleness and creative thinking
  • have great ambition and potential, but are not fully leveraged. They may lack the experience or skills required to lead big ideas and teams


What your talent will bring back to your company: 

  • critical thinking to approach core challenges and expand business units
  • an expansive ‘operator mindset’, with the ability to lead processes and tasks
  • entrepreneurial practices & frameworks to transfer to your wider team
  • leadership acumen to attract and lead diverse teams. NEF’s values and selection funnel has maintained the diversity of every cohort, ensuring that participants are surrounded with different perspectives and experiences.

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The standard programme cost is £6,000 (ex. VAT). This fee is a fraction of the total delivery cost of the NEF+ programme. As a registered charity, we leverage support from our donors to help cover programme costs.

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