Since 2011, our NEF+ programme has supported hundreds of individuals in growing and establishing their businesses. We celebrate the results of their tenacity, hard work and creativity; carrying forward their learnings at the NEF+ programme into various domains and communities. Here, we share these diverse stories of our alumni and how they are paving the way for future generations and industries.



Lydia Hartley

Founder & CEO of Don’t Shop, Swap 

“I had a good marketing background, but when it was time to get something off the ground, NEF+ came at the perfect time.”


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Julian Boaitey

Founder & CEO of Yendy 

NEF+ helped me to validate myself as an entrepreneur, as opposed to the idea of me ‘just owning a business. I now see everything as a learning process, and I know that I will be able to experiment with many things down the road.


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Elizabeth Anjorin

Founder & CEO of Galore 

NEF+ has really helped me shape how I view my business. Just the other day, I was looking at an old pitch deck that I’d done before NEF. And I matched it against a pitch deck I did after NEF+. And I couldn’t believe the difference.


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Jaron Soh 

Founder & CEO of Voda 

NEF+ has been a reliable sounding board for feedback, advice and peer support for the past 3 years. I’m still in regular contact with NEF+ fellows from my cohort, and also had the opportunity to meet and form friendships with alumni across the years.

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Maud Millar 

Co-Founder & CEO of Adapt 

It’s been great still being a part of NEF+, there’s a real sense of family and community, which keeps people coming back. NEF+ is going to start getting better because more and more entrepreneurs are going to give back – and the quality of the network will improve even more.

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Yang Liu

Co-Founder & CEO of JustWears

This is one of the best programmes in London – I’m so glad I made the decision to apply for NEF!  Thinking back, our NEF alumni group is so resourceful. It’s been over 10 years since the first cohort and everyone’s creating incredible results – and are still giving back to NEF. Not every community has this much loyalty, and it’s great to see that here. 

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Nikita Thakrar

Co-Founder & Director of Included VC

Before joining NEF+ I always had these big dreams and ambitions to impact the world. However, it made me feel different, especially with where I come from. But as soon as I entered NEF+, I felt ‘normal’ – like every other person in the room. There was always someone trying out and learning something new, or someone wanting to develop another thing. I remember being with my cohort, and by the fourth month of the programme, one of the entrepreneurs was already working on their third business idea. 

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Finn Simms

Founder & CEO of Previously

The best thing about NEF+ for me is the networking and being around other aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, to really understand where you are in the world in the entrepreneurial space. It’s easy to feel imposter syndrome when you’re starting a business, so to be surrounded by other people that are just as vulnerable and hungry for growth is incredibly supportive. 

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Edward East- NEF FastTrack 2012 - Centre for Entrepreneurs

Ed East

Founder of Billion Dollar Boy

There are many people that do not have the networks or communities that can encourage them to take a risk and start their own business. Once you join, NEF really becomes your family and helps you with that. You are in a community where other people are on the same journey, which gives you that encouragement that you need.

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Eliot Brooks

Co-Founder, Thriva

As the founder of a business, you strive to hire multipliers – people who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them. We undoubtedly found this in our NEFer. Her drive, enthusiasm and dynamism have really helped drive the business forward in the last year.

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James Beddows Case Study - Ride To

James Beddows

Founder of RideTo

I got way more out than I ever could have imagined. I honestly didn’t realise how big the network side was. I went into it hoping for a catalyst and a launchpad for me to do my own thing, and to be surrounded by people who are all going through the same thing who would be able to motivate me and inspire me. I got all that so much more, including a lot of value from the NEF events and workshops, and the alumni network.

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Kike Oniwinde - NEF FastTrack 2018 - Centre for Entrepreneurs

Kike Oniwinde

Founder of BYP Network

I got the opportunity to meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise – on the cohort everyone was from different walks of life and everyone helps each other. If I didn’t have NEF I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I have in terms of what can be done, and how to really grow your startup. I really don’t think that I would be where I am right now. My ambition in the next 6 months is to have a new platform, getting millions of downloads and be the leader in improving diversity in corporations – I want to be global!

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Giovanni Frazen - Centre for Entrepreneurs

Giovanni Franzan

Founder of Yndica

The learning and development programme workshops have been very valuable to me. There is so much learning when the cohort gets together. In every workshop, I learned something new and the subjects we covered were incredibly important. The NEF network is also very valuable, the mentors and coaches shared opinions and knowledge that was very insightful and I’ve seen the benefits of the community with my own eyes.

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