NEFer Harry Horsfall: Student festival startups: ‘too much fun to feel like work

Current NEFer Harry Horsfall was recently featured in The Guardian for his startup festival Hijacked.


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Harry is driven through tech, music and events. Having always had an entrepreneurial spirit, he graduated from Exeter University’s Business School with a 2:1 in Politics and Economics. During his time there, he built and established an underground music scene, co-founding both the companies Thick as Thieves and Hijacked Festival, which have hosted over 15,000 attendees. They both hold an impressive artist history and an equally exciting future. Outside music, he is passionate about the sharing economy, innovation and disruption. He joins the NEFF program ready for his next foray into business.

In his own words:


“Running a festival sees massive 20-hour shifts, so mental preparation is key. We were lucky that people believed in us and we managed to raise the cash. We are funding the event ourselves and not paying ourselves salaries. We all have full-time jobs, so this is a real passion project.

Communication has to be clear, so there are a lot of phone calls. We also use Basecamp, Facebook and Whatsapp, which can have its challenges. The most important thing is keeping calm under stress. I meditate a lot, which helps”


You can access the whole article in The Guardian via the link below:


Harry Horsfall Guardian Article