NEFer Venture Saves British Gas £3.4 million

Sideway6 - British Gas


British Gas has saved £3.4 million per year through an idea posted by an employee on Sideways6a venture founded by NEF alumnus Will Read (Class of 2013).

Sideways6 is an internal comms tool (using Yammer) that helps companies engage with, listen to and communicate with their employees. For many organisations this is crucial as it enables them to engage with employees on the channel that is most effective for reaching out to and hearing from employees.




Will Read, Founder of Sideways 6, said:

“In using Sideways 6 to de-centralise innovation and capture ideas from frontline staff, British Gas have demonstrated just how powerful employee ideas can be. Even aside from the huge savings they will make from the ideas implemented, they have also embedded a culture of innovation and improvement in their business, which can only be good news for the 11 million homes and businesses they provide a service to.”


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