Prison Entrepreneurship Network

The CFE Prison Entrepreneurship Network aims to increase the scale and impact of prison entrepreneurship programmes and other entrepreneur-led employment initiatives in prisons.

Since publishing our report ‘From inmates to entrepreneurs last May, we have come across many inspiring individuals and organisations working to embed entrepreneurship in prisons. By launching this network we aim to create a community to increase our collective impact by building connections, sharing best practice and aligning advocacy efforts.

The network will convene quarterly in a semi-structured format to facilitate updates, presentations and networking. Best practice workshops will be hosted separately and we will will seek partnerships with supporting organisations, including the planned New Futures Network.

The network will host ongoing best practice workshops with the National Enterprise Network for organisations running prison entrepreneurship programmes. We will also seek to host events to help entrepreneurs connect with local prisons to explore training and recruitment opportunities.

In time, digital resources and platforms will be developed based on the demands and recommendations of members. Our aspiration is to work towards hosting an international prison entrepreneurship summit next year.