The CFE Refugee Entrepreneurship Network (REN) is a global community working to improve the scale and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes. It brings together practitioners, philanthropic foundations, researchers, academics and investors that actively support refugee entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship offers newcomers a unique pathway to integration. It allows economic independence; boosts self-confidence; and brings communities together in harmonious cooperation.

Refugees have been found to display key traits for business success, from high confidence to strong risk-awareness, and they have gone on to start countless companies around the world enriching their host countries.

It is estimated that there are 26 million refugees globally and dozens of programmes exist around the world to support refugees through business. The CFE Refugee Entrepreneurship Network accelerates their important work through peer-to-peer support, best practice sharing, research and campaigns.

There are three types of membership for the Refugee Entrepreneurship Network: 

Membership is for organisations delivering or preparing refugee entrepreneurship programmes, through training, skill-development, incubators and accelerators. Become a member →

Associate membership is for refugee entrepreneurs, organisations conducting research on refugee entrepreneurship, organisations or individuals funding refugee-related initiatives and organisations or individuals supporting refugees in any other way. Become an associate member →

Becoming a supporter of the network is for those who are not working with refugees or on refugee-related initiatives but are interested in the network. Anyone can become a supporter of the network. Become a supporter of the network →