About the network

The CFE Refugee Entrepreneurship Network is a global community working to improve the scale and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes.

It brings together practitioners, philanthropic foundations, researchers, academics and investors who actively support refugee entrepreneurship.

For the first time, it gives all stakeholders a platform for rapid communication and knowledge-sharing; and by bringing together the more than 100 organisations active in this space, the network will help them form a stronger voice and increased public presence.

Members primarily connect through a Slack channel managed by the Centre, where they can seek technical advice, flag opportunities and disseminate news or research. Members can also set up online workshops, video conference calls, or even regional meetups.

Above all, this is a community of practitioners, for practitioners. This is why the Centre maintains, moderates and grows the platform, while giving members the opportunity to design and run their own initiatives.

The Centre also serves the community through the Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Survey – a data-gathering tool that will assess the impact and needs of refugee incubators globally. The survey will feed into an annual report that will map the ‘state of refugee entrepreneurship’. This will help organisations to better understand what works for different programmes, track their own progress and measure their entrepreneurs’ achievements and requirements.



  • To make the network’s Slack channel the go-to platform for knowledge-sharing among practitioners
  • To improve the scale and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes through regular, impactful online workshops
  • To harmonise evaluation and impact assessment through a global data-gathering tool
  • To give the sector a stronger voice and work towards common digital presence and campaigns