The Centre for Entrepreneurs and FAIRE have launched the first-ever global refugee entrepreneurship programme survey.

This research project will help understand the state of refugee entrepreneurship programmes globally, by examining the structure, funding, programme content, challenges and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes currently operating.

The survey is divided into two parts, the programme manager survey and the refugee entrepreneur survey.

The programme manager survey assesses the programme and organisational needs of refugee incubators and examines the following categories: 

  • the structure of entrepreneurship programmes;
  • the type of services offered by individual programmes;
  • the type of funding that is available;
  • the challenges and opportunities faced when running a refugee entrepreneurship programme;
  • the impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes.

The refugee entrepreneur survey assesses the participant’s motivation and entrepreneurial activities and examines the following categories:

  • the motivation to participate in a refugee entrepreneurship programme;
  • the type of support received;
  • business outcomes;
  • challenges post-graduation.


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