The New Guardians of Business by NEF CEO Neeta Patel

Entrepreneur and Investor magazine recently published an interview with NEF CEO Neeta Patel into the different ways that millennials approach launching and developing businesses as entrepreneurs.  In her own words:

Millennial entrepreneurs tend to be highly collaborative, and less protective when it comes to ideas. Older generations will often keep their ideas close to their chest. But millennials are more likely to pitch their ideas, to gain feedback from peers and lay everything out there for the world to see and respond. It is certainly easier for this generation to do so when there is much more opportunity to do so. The numerous incubator programmes, networking events, pitch days and entrepreneur competitions that take place each week means there is resource easily at hand for anyone with an early-stage business looking for feedback.

You can read the full article via the link below:


Entrepreneur & Investor Neeta Patel