The real world dosen’t reward perfectionists, it rewards people who get things done.

I’m naturally one of those people who just gets on with it. Give me a task, and it’s half done in my head before pen hits the paper. I want to make a cake? I’ll be out the door buying the ingredients before I’ve even considered the 1001 other things I could be doing.

This way of living is good, and bad. It’s bad because only on completion, or near completion does one realise that certain things could have been done better. But it’s good because, it’s done. There is no time for the why, what, how, and ifs, that may make you change your mind, or destroy your spark. You can now learn from it because it is done. Brilliant.

I’ve been working on a small project since September, which was due to be finalised by the end of October. However, because so many small details have been changed left right and centre,  it is still not out of the door. Unfortunately, due to the delay, we have likely missed the boat and will never see the true effects of the project. Why? Because we never got it done.

My advice to you? Just get on with it. If you have an idea, just do it.

(Note: of course strategy is important, but just do it, if you encounter any hurdles, you can amend along the way).