CFE questions government’s ‘Impacts of Migration’ report

The Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank has questioned the methodology behind the government’s newly-published report: ‘Impacts of migration on UK native employment’.

A joint publication between the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Home Office, the report analyses the impact of migrants coming to the UK to take jobs, but it does not seem to consider the potential for migrants to create jobs through business formation.

This report launches just two days after the Centre for Entrepreneurs and DueDil launched a joint publication showing migrant entrepreneurs are behind one in seven of all UK companies, and have created at least 1.16 million jobs.

The Centres’ ‘Migrant entrepreneurs: building our businesses, creating our jobs’ report finds that nearly half a million migrants from 155 countries across the world have settled in the UK and launched companies.

Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, Matt Smith, comments:

“The Centre for Entrepreneurs and DueDil report revealed that there are nearly half a million migrant entrepreneurs active in the UK, with migrant-founded companies responsible for at least 1.16 million jobs. 

It also revealed that entrepreneurial activity was far higher among immigrants than among the indigenous population and, in some vital sectors, migrant entrepreneurs are driving growth and job creation. 

This highly positive contribution should surely be included in any government analysis on the impact of immigration?”