The Centre for Entrepreneurs researches the economic and social value created by entrepreneurs. It aims to advance entrepreneurship across the UK and intends to inform and influence national policy-makers, stakeholders and the public.

Since launch, the Centre has advocated in-prison entrepreneurship programmes, uncovered how entrepreneurs are reviving seaside towns, championed angel investors as Britain’s unsung heroes and shattered negative stereotypes affecting women entrepreneurs. It has also published never-before-seen data on migrant entrepreneurs, annual company formation rates, and local authority SME spending.

In January, the Centre publishes its annual analysis of Company House data. Since 2014, this detailed snapshot of business formations across the UK allows politicians and business leaders to gauge the state of entrepreneurship in the UK.


Since its launch, the Centre for Entrepreneurs has launched two networks, which aim to increase awareness, share best practice and collaboration and influence policy in support of their members.

Following the publication of Putting the uni in unicorn: the role of universities in supporting high-growth graduate startups’, the Centre launched the Incubator and Accelerator Network – a best practice network to increase at the scale and impact of business incubation.

In 2018, the Centre launched the Refugee Entrepreneurship Network. The network is a global community of organisations that works to improve the scale and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes.