Start small

This evening I met up with fellow NEFer Greg Drach for a drink after work.

Though our first topic was how if we went alcoholic every time we had a drink after work, we’d soon be in a spot of bother. So we kept it to soft #livefast

I won’t go into too much of what we chatted about, but Greg had a couple of ideas that I thought were so good, they were worth sharing…

We were basically talking through big, airy ideas of the future of business, and how to get started. His strategy for really making something for yourself in the long term is to pick a business that will never make billions, but has the opportunity to give you a tidy payout after not too long. Yes, this will give you a bit of capital for your next venture, but more importantly, you will have earned yourself a reputation.

This is not to be sniffed at, especially when meeting new people (you can be the guy who did “xxx”), and speaking with people who are looking to invest.

So this was what we talked about. What are low-risk business ideas we could take on, to sharpen our skills and get some experience under our belts. The fact it will never make mega bucks isn’t too important. My outlook at least is that if you develop the right skillset, the money will follow later.

Next it was talking about how starting a blog is probably the most riskless way of validating an idea. And so if we could muster the motivation to keep one, it could be a nice little project.

It was then time to head back. The landlord asked us to leave after downing our lime & sodas…