Starting Point

Any blog should be interesting, engaging and have a thread that runs throughout to bind together the disparate pages of posts that could easily be veer off into randomness.

I have yet to find this thread, however the more content that is posted, perhaps some common themes will appear and offer a direction for future entries to follow.

Whichever path is taken, it will nonetheless be tracking what is happening in my life at the moment. It is too laborious to fill in everything that has happened already, so we shall start in the present.

And it was just yesterday when myself, and the other members of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) Class of 2014 were asked to begin a blog as a way of practising the “art” of writing effectively and quickly during our first workshop of the year. See a later post for my first attempt.

The NEF program looks to develop the entrepreneurial skills of 30-40 young people in Britain each year through a series of workshops, networking events, mentoring, and work experience. Only a few days in, and I’m already seeing what an incredible scheme it is, and look forward to thoroughly making the most of it.

Let’s see what happens…