The Centre for Entrepreneurs promotes the positive impact of entrepreneurs on the economy and society.

We research the state of entrepreneurship, deliver entrepreneurship programmes, of which NEF+ is our flagship, and campaign to remove cultural and policy barriers holding back entrepreneurship.

As a charitable foundation, CFE relies on the generosity of private donors and corporate partners to fund its work.

You can support us in the following ways:

  • Corporate donor
    If supporting entrepreneurship is part of your organisation’s DNA, become a corporate donor and benefit from a wide range of staff engagement opportunities, events, connections and updates.
  • Individual giving
    Join our Patron programme to support the next generation of entrepreneurs through NEF+ and meet other like-minded and entrepreneurial donors via our supporter events programme.
  • Sponsorship
    CFE has a range of research, activities and events during the year from our annual lecture to the network summits we convene. There are opportunities to sponsor these and many more events.

To find out more about supporting us, book a meeting with our CEO, Tim Barnes.

Or simply use the link below to make an instant donation via JustGiving: