Talk to everyone.

It’s amazing how much information other people have, that you need. You might not think it. You may think you know all the answers, possibilities and ways to do things, but you don’t. I often think ‘there’s no point asking them, they’ll only know what I know’. Or even worse ‘I’ll ask them, they’ve been in the industry for years’. 

This week I made the effort to talk to a guy experienced in CRM, but he’s a tech guy. He’s not a marketing guy, or the sort I would usually come across. He builds systems, writes code, etc. I just asked a few subtle questions, which ended up becoming a really interesting discussion. Suddenly, what I thought was possible in regard to CRM systems and email marketing, was just one possibility. He opened my eyes to other ways of doing things, and although it’s not the norm, it’s better. I’m certain of it. I cannot wait to get back to work and put forward what he’s told me he can do. It’s a business changing opportunity, and importantly, a money saving one.

It’s funny because I tend to listen with open ears to individuals i come across with tonnes of experience. They’ve ‘been in the industry for years’. But what you need to be careful of, is that very restricting factor – they have been in the industry for years. They have a way of doing things, and they may not know any better. Talk to everyone, challenge everyone, and find a way of doing things which you think is the best way of doing it.