The Rwandan Start Up Scene by Sam Floy

This post is about newly formed businesses in Rwanda.

With a view of starting my own (either here, or elsewhere in the region), I have an interest in understanding “the scene” as deeply as possible: this post distills what I’ve learnt so far.

Rwanda is young.

I recently found out that 50% of the population is under the age of twenty. With a life expectancy in the sixties, this means a disproportionate number of people are about to leave the education system and enter an economy geared towards providing employment to a smaller workforce.

Releasing lots of energetic, young people into a world where they don’t have the skills or opportunities to contribute to society in a meaningful way leads to a whole host social issues down the line. That’s why efforts have been taken to teach the population a relevant skill set (such as getting coding on the school curriculum) and create an ecosystem around job creation.

Whilst NGOs have been incredibly helpful at providing basic amenities to those at the bottom of the pyramid, the act of fostering an environment where private sector companies can start, scale and grow has a positive social impact on the whole population through the employment it provides.