The sneaky way to contact any Director in 5 minutes flat

So today I’ve had to find the email address of the Director of Business Development at a very well known UK retailer without knowing their name nor their email address. Here’s how I found both in 5 minutes and how you can find the work email address of your next big lead:

  1. Start on LinkedIn. Search for the job title of the person you’re looking for at the company you’re looking  to get in contact with. The likelihood is the person you want will be on there. If their name is hidden, try their public profile via Google which usually circumnavigates this issue and reveals their full name.
  2. Find out the email address structure for their company. Really easy way to find this out is to see what their CEO’s email is formatted like. Crazy how it’s easier to find the CEO’s email address than it is someone else in the company, but anyway. Head on over to and search for the company the person you want to get in contact with works for. Locate the CEO and his email address (which is usually listed) and copy the format.

It really is that easy!

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