The Virtues of Rash Decisions

Do you ever find things that you ‘know’ is a behaviour you want to change, but then find excuses to not do it?

I was reading an article recently which prompted me to take what could be considered a rash decision: to stop eating meat.


Now, rashness is often seen as a vice; a moment of hotheadedness when one gets overwhelmed with emotion and clouds their judgement. The usual course is for one to regret such a decision leading to a to and fro of remorse and disappointment.

However in this instance, the rashness was exactly what I needed.

I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting meat out of my diet for a while. Those who have read other bits that I’ve written will remember a few rogue canapés ruining an attempted week without meat. However afterwards, I found myself slipping back into meat as part of my diet.

Therefore to break this docile approach of “I know I shouldn’t”, some rashness was necessary.


Why vegetarian?

A question to answer is what are my reasons for no meat. Simply put it’s for environmental reasons.

We can all get sufficient nutrients from a non-meat diet, it’s just it’s in our psyche to have meat as part of our daily routine. It’s not sustainable to use finite resource feeding animals to be reared to eat, when those resources could be used for other purposes. Not least feeding other humans.

The long view must surely be that with more and more people on the planet, we must learn to adapt and cut out meat from our diets. The joys of plentiful beef, pork and lamb were surely reserved for a smaller population – as the planet fills up, we need to come to terms with the fact that we can’t have it all.

And so after going through this thought process, any outcome that left me still eating meat would feel like selfishness on my part.

In hindsight I knew all of this already, I just needed to make the choice to do it. So now if someone asks, I say that I don’t eat meat*

This first test came at a meal out on Friday evening, but the veg masala more than stood its ground



* My caveat here is if someone else will get embarrassed by me refusing meat. E.g. dinner at their place and I refuse the food that they’ve carefully prepared and made – that is not something I’d be comfortable with happening.