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From inmates to entrepreneurs

The prison population has more than doubled from 40,000 in the early 1990s to over 85,000 today, and reoffending rates remain stubbornly high – 46% of ex-prisoners reoffend at an estimated cost of £4.5bn per year.

In our latest report, ‘From inmates to entrepreneurs’ , we detail the appetite and propensity for entrepreneurship among prisoners and make the case for prison entrepreneurship programmes with ‘through-the-gate’ support made available to all interested pre-release prisoners.

We calculate that the large-scale introduction of such prison entrepreneurship programmes could save the government up to £1.4bn annually on the cost of ex-prisoner reoffending, at a cost of £82m – providing a 17x return on investment. To achieve this, we propose the government creates a prison entrepreneurship fund to support local programmes.

“Just imagine you are running a school, and nearly half your students, year after year, fail their final exams. When fault rates run that high in any organisation, the failure is a systemic one”.

Richard Branson, blogging about this report

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StartUp Tour 2016

National enterprise campaign StartUp Britain, run by the Centre for Entrepreneurs, is hitting the road again this summer to provide inspiration and free, impartial support to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Now in its fifth year, the StartUp Britain bus tour, powered by NatWest, will visit a record 30 towns and cities over six weeks.