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StartUp Britain bus tour launches

Tomorrow, the StartUp Britain bus begins its six week national tour, visiting 30 towns and cities to support thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or wanting advice to help you grow an existing business, come along for free, impartial advice!

Tour website:
Hashtag: #StartUpTour
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The Queen shuns established corporate names to hand gongs to brilliant young entrepreneurs
Mail Online: Entrepreneurs who have made millions from posh bottled beer, men’s face cream, smoothies and an app that speeds up text messaging are among those who received birthday honours from the Queen. Read more

The entrepreneurs awarded honours include: Sarah Wood and Scott Button (co-founders, Unruly), James Watt and Martin Dickie (co-founders, Brewdog), Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock (co-founders, SwiftKey), Mike Butcher (editor-at-large, TechCrunch), Wendy Tan White (co-founder, Moonfruit), Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier (co-founders, Bulldog), Alex Depledge and Tom Nimmo (co-founders, Hassle), Richard Reed (co-founder, Innocent), Rajeeb Dey (co-founder StartUp Britain and founder, Enternships), Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford (co-founders, Entrepreneur First), Bonamy Grimes and Barry Smith (co-founders, Skyscanner), Emma Mulqueeny (co-founder, Young Rewired State), Debbie Wosskow (CEO, Love Home Swap) and Eben Upton (co-founder, Raspberry Pi), among others.

Cisco top in European startup collaboration thanks to London activities
Forbes: Cisco has been ranked as the top corporate for startup collaboration in Europe, according to a new study by Nesta and the Startup Europe Partnership.Read more. See the full list

FSB threatens ratings firm CVS with legal action
Telegraph: The Federation of Small Businesses is going head-to-head with CVS, the largest business rates specialist in the country, after receiving dozens of complaints about unfair treatment from its members. Read more

Unemployment and redundancy has fuelled almost a third of UK startups More people are starting up businesses “in the face of adversity” while the number of ‘grey entrepreneurs’ continues to grow, according to polling from AXA. Read more


Consumer protection in the digital age: has innovation displaced regulation?
Today’s digital economy shows that top-down government regulation is often made unnecessary by several forms of private governance which turn out to be as effective as actual laws, but significantly less lengthy, expensive or invasive, writes Giacomo Lev Mannheimer (Fellow, Instituto Bruno Leoni). Read more

The post-crash entrepreneurial revolution has changed Britain: I want MPs to spur it on further
Alan Mak MP writes in CityAM on this week’s re-launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship. Read more

Dispelling the myth: the real rates of startup survival
Max Chmyshuk (founder, Fleximize) dispels the myths surrounding startups’ failure.Read more

The U.S. presidential candidates
  • The startup presidential platform
    Jason M Lemkin (co-founder & CEO, EchoSign) outlines what, as an entrepreneur, he’d like to see from the presidential candidates. Read more
  • Hillary’s plan to ‘jumpstart’ small businesses is a nonstarter
    On balance, Clinton’s small business proposals are as innovative as an internal combustion engine – that is, they’re innovative for the 19th century, writes Diana Ransom (features editor, Inc). Read more
  • Trump just attached everything Silicon Valley stands for
    Unfortunately for Trump, tech businesses are trying to become modern monopolies. Unfortunately for Silicon Valley, Trump doesn’t understand why monopolies are bad, writes Alex Moazed (founder & CEO, Applico). Read more

Do startups really create lots of good jobs?
Daniel Isenberg (Prof of entrepreneurship practice, Babson Executive Education) issues five challenges to the “fact” that startups create jobs. Read more

Should entrepreneurship be a company benefit?
Chris Farrell (Next Avenue contributor) suggests that companies, government agencies and non-profits should offer assistance so their pre-retirees can prepare to pursue an entrepreneurship life. Read more