Things I’ve Learnt – 9th Sept to 21st Sept

Hello again! There’s a bit of a gap between my previous “Things I’ve Learnt” post and this one, it’s been a hectic few weeks, but you’ll understand why as you read through the post.

A wise man once said to always try new experiences and see your horizons expand before you. Over the last few weeks I’ve been a sponge, absorbing everything I possibly can into my head. It’s been challenging but rewarding, and consequently there’s quite a few things I’ve learnt, many of which have changed my perception, so bear with me (‘cos this is going to be a long one) and hopefully these insights could be of use to you too.

  1. The power of personality types
  2. Whilst with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation we had a great session with Dan Collins from Fresh Tracks learning about personality types and how to spot them using the colour wheel. Basically from a very simple test you can determine your personality type and how to interact with others to achieve your desired result. It’s a really effective way of understanding not only yourself and what makes you tick but also others and how you can communicate with them in a more effective way.

    I am very red. Results driven, competitive, determined and purposeful. Don’t like long-winded meetings and would rather we get to the point, in and out in 10 minutes and get on with the job. I’m also a little bit of everything else. I’m a bit green as I do genuinely care, a bit blue as there are times when I am very analytical (especially when making decisions) and a bit yellow as I’m rather sociable and very enthusiastic. Another interesting thing to come out of the group was that the vast majority of aspiring entrepreneurs were either predominantly Red or Yellow.

    Why not find out what personality type you are?

  3. The Parent-Adult-Child Model
  4. The PAC Model simply put tells us why people respond in the way that they do and how to most likely get the response you’re aiming for. There are 3 states you can be, the parent – a state where someone mimics the behaviour, thought or feelings of a parental figure, the adult – a state of emotional neutrality whereby adults are talked to like normal adults, and finally the child – a state where someone mimics the behaviour, thought or feelings of a child.

    For a great 10 minute explanation have a watch of this video

  5. Trust is all you need!
  6. During the NEF boot camp (more about that in a bit), we talked extensively about the idea of trust. I have to admit, the concept of trust has taken very different forms during my life, but after these sessions I definitely feel a moment of clarity has been reached.

    So what is trust? Trust is when you believe in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of X. Consequently trust grows rather than appears, it is both rational and emotional as well as being very personal (you trust the person and not the process), presumes a two-way relationship and intrinsically has it’s perceived risk as trust can be broken.

    Trust can actually be written as an equation

    Trust = Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy / Self-interest

    I might well produce a post on trust so I’ll leave the rest till then!

  7. Starting a project? Always make sure your concept is right!
  8. It was like hearing someone scratch their nails down a blackboard, “Ok Andrew, first of all I don’t agree with your interpretation of your concept”. Just to recap, I’m running a project from its inception to completion. Spent my second week at the company and absolutely thought I was on the right track. If anything the concept was the thing I was most sure of after looking at the brief. So, I was sat, first slide in to my presentation with my bosses and got taken by surprise. The concept is the foundation, it is what all the other slides, detailing my “unbreakable” plan of action originate from. Luckily the concept wasn’t rewritten but expanded. If anything it actually makes my job easier as there is a greater target market to push for, but at the same time I was pretty disappointed in myself that I got something wrong that I should have been 100% sure of. Lesson learnt!

  9. Aspiring Entrepreneur? Sign up to NEF!
  10. Last week I spent my first couple of days with NEF and the class of 2014. What an awesome time! I don’t think I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time since revising for my History A Level Cold War exam in a day. So much to talk about and such a great start to what is guaranteed to be a life-changing year. I won’t lie, I wanted to join NEF for two reasons, firstly the networking possibilities (which are huge) and secondly the potential to learn and be in a position where I can comfortably do justice to my ideas and give them the greatest chance of being successful. What I didn’t bank on though was the power of the immediate network. Just being able to talk to the 30 odd aspiring entrepreneurs really is a massive learning experience in itself. So many imaginative and extremely clever individuals all in one room just consistently produced good idea after good idea. It was really quite refreshing. I found normality from the incessant recurrence of new ideas I have in my head that have filled countless notebooks and eagerness for the year ahead.

    If you’ve got entrepreneurial ambitions, want to set the business world alight or make a massive difference to the world then do do do apply for NEF.

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