Thinking up a 30 Day challenge

I’ve just come back from an afternoon discussing business-y ideas with friends. As ever, the discussions were fascinating, and there was some real calibre to the questions being asked. We ranged from pop-up restaurants to fashion tourism to ideation at work to destressing with puppies.

The last one was especially fun.

Mine was less of a tangible idea, and more an area of interest. Trying to understand the crux of why people say they’ll do something, and then not do it.

I find it fascinating, but it is really a broad subject matter. In order to get anywhere I break it down into component parts. There are lots of apps etc emerging that help with behaviour change, and so it will be interesting to track their progress.

This got us onto something Greg and Bea have been doing during November – The 30 Day Challenge.

The simple idea being that to do something you always wanted, it’s best to it every single day for a month. After that time, you’ll be in enough of a habit to actually of made some progress. There seems to be an overlap with what I’m interested in, so have decided to undertake one myself.

Now though, I need to think of something (I’m writing this in the present tense)

Rather than a physical challenge (Press Ups every day etc) I like the idea of coming to the end of December with something tangible rather than having just slotting something else into my daily routine.

Bea should be able to do a handstand by the end of this month which, to me at least, seems to be what it would be all about.

I’m using Lift (an app that helps you with this sort of stuff) for inspiration.


30 Days of being Thankful – undoubtedly good, but not necessarily something tangible at the end of it.

Learn a language – seems made for this sort of thing. Duolingo is good for this. Though not that much of a pressing thing for me right now.

Learn to code – with courses like Codecademy this might be something to get into. However with my current routine, am not sure I could give 30 minutes a day for pretty full on thinking time. Though I’m just making excuses.

Write about Behavioural Economics every day. At first I was thinking of just reading, but the act of writing will require me to understand it more, and also mean I can share it with other, which is much more useful for the world.

Try yoga. Have heard good things, just don’t know how to go about it. Though (Spoiler alert) this is similar to Greg’s December challenge

Learn basic graphics on a computer (Photoshop etc). Perhaps. Although I spend a lot of my time on computers as it is. Maybe using my spare time to look at screens might not be the best…

30 Days answering questions on Quora (or similar). Basically just giving back to the Internet community.

Or even just doing something like giving a compliment to someone. Random Act of Kindness etc.

Also this video about someone learning to dance in a year is pretty decent. Although I’m not really dancer. Or maybe I would if I could..


Anyway, there are plenty of months ahead so it’s about time I made a decision (it’s Dec 1st in half an hour).

I’ll be following this plan on how to Become a Better Blogger. Quite exciting really. Perhaps in 30 days time there will be a noticeable difference in what I produce. Stay tuned…


For those looking to do this too, head to Greg & Bea’s site and also watch this video that (I believe) kicked off the whole 30 Day movement