Top apps / programmes / tech to use

Since joining the entrepreneurial ecoystem, these are the apps for productivity I think are awesome:

  • Evernote: For clipping web pages / emails / blogs
  • Instapaper: For Clipping web pages / blog on your iPhone. Super useful
  • Ping: Introduced to me my Tom Charman, Kompas. Tired of swapping business cards? This is your answer
  • Asana: Got tasks to do? This helps you plot them all out. Super useful for getting all your stuff down and ticking them off
  • Noisli: Want some background noise that’s not music? Maybe coffee shop sounds of some rain? Here’s what you’re looking for


What I’m looking at / looking for:

  • Typara: So I can stop manually transcribing interviews. I’ve signed up but waiting for the platform to let me on as a tester. Looks promising from the video!
  • A good voice recording app. I’ve got a voice recorder one now, but any better suggestions are welcome