Trevolta shows us how viral marketing can build a following of 33K fans

Trevolta is a travel startup that launched little over a month ago. Yet they are inundated with beta requests and already have 33,000+ Facebook likes (and 5,880 Twitter followers).


Well, they do have a compelling offering – the tantalising prospect of free extraordinary travel (providing you attract the necessary crowdfunding). But I’d like to highlight a particularly clever part of their UX.

Viral marketing in one genius picture

Upon arrival you are greeted with a simple splash page. It has an inspirational image overlaid with some brief copy describing Trevolta’s offering and an email signup box.

After you submit your email, you see this stroke of genius:

trevolta viral

click to make it HUGE

It’s quite simple. A picture of a queue with little old you right at the far end of it. Moving up the queue is also simple. Just share it and invite more people and you’ll move right up into the first batch. It’s super-easy to do because they’ve provided the link and social sharing buttons right below the call to action. Why wouldn’t I click a couple of buttons get bumped up from the back of the queue to the ‘Allowed first access’ group?

But let’s say I decide not to.

Instead I go to my inbox to authenticate my email address. In Trevolta’s welcome email is a paragraph reminding me to invite friends and also offering me $50 towards my first trip if I do so – the link is naturally provided to make this as frictionless as possible.

But let’s say I still decide not to.

I click the authentication link at the bottom which takes me back to their site and back to the page with the above image. The whole process of landing on the homepage to email authentication is only 1-2mins, yet I’ve been hit with three compelling messages encouraging me to share to 3 friends.

Key Points

– Viral marketing doesn’t need to be a complex system of loyalty points or an asinine attempt at a funny video. It can be done with no extra budget by having a strong product offering and a thought-out user journey.

– Trevolta’s UX is still slick. Their signup process is still fast. They found a way to make sharing part of the process and very much within the customer’s interest instead of tacking an awkward ‘please share’ message at the end.

– They made it frictionless. The guys at Trevolta clearly put in some thought to make it as easy as possible for their users throughout their journey so all it take is a couple of clicks.


How did I hear about this travel startup? One of my friends shared the signup link on Facebook, of course.

You can read more about what Trevolta is here.

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