Using Hootsuite, KloutScore,, & SocialBro


This month I’ve been trying out some new digital products, websites and the like. No doubt some or all of these may be well familiar to some people, but I’ve only recently seen the light / been introduced to them so I thought I’d share my first impressions…


For those that don’t know, Hootsuite is a web based facility which gives you a dashboard from which you can control, monitor and update a collection of all your social media accounts. Be it the Twitter account for The Start Up Story, the Facebook page, the Twitter feed for Rolling Stock Cycles, or my own personal Facebook account – I can now maintain and post to all of them, from one place – Hootsuite. This is a brilliant tool, which only increases in value and time savings with the number of social media accounts you have. I (think) I currently have 5 or 6 Twitter accounts, one Facebook account, but 5 ‘like’ pages, and so on. Hootsuite lets me control all of these by single sign-on onto the Hootsuite dashboard, and I can also pre-load and schedule posts that I want to send out at a later date, awesome stuff!


KloutScore is a measure of your social media influence, how much weight (“klout”) you carry across your social media broadcasts etc. On a scale of 1-100, you can quickly gain an appreciation of how your social media reach and influence is growing. Whether you’re someone who just uses Twitter as a follower and consumer of data (you’ll likely have a KloutScore you can count on one hand), or a social butterfly with a huge following, whose tweets trend and are re-tweeted thousands of times. I think my score is currently floating around 40+. This monitors just the Twitter feed and Facebook ‘like’ page for The StartUp Story, but I’ve seen it increase recently as follower numbers and post reach have gradually increased. & Social Bro

I’ve had a quick look at both of these but can’t yet offer a comprehensive account of either, so bear with me. is a website for promoting new and up-and-coming startups which have just launched – always worth a look to keep up with trends and what’s out there! Social Bro is another social media accompaniment, similar in some ways to Hootsuite, but with an interesting feature and benefit whereby you can see the reach, engagement and value of your Twitter followers and then take a view to cull or delete some if they’re of no use to you!