What better time than now?


So I’ve started my first week in my work placement for the next year, but I think I’ll wait ‘till I’ve completed a full week before I collect my thoughts and write a blog about that one.

In the meantime, I thought I’d recall and explore a discussion I had with a new work colleague which struck a chord with me. On just my second day at the new workplace I was sent to another office to attend a companywide generic Induction Day (good stuff in general!). By chance I happened to share my table with a few new people at lunch, all of whom I’d never met before Tuesday. After a while I began speaking to one new colleague in particular and once I’d started to open up to him about who I was, where I was coming from and the NEF course I’m doing, we soon hit upon a shared opinion about business, starting your own and entrepreneurship in general.

“What better time than now?”

“Why not?”

“You’ve got nothing to lose!”

These were all comments that came up during our conversation and once I’d explained my choice to leave my previous career path and pursue a future in business with the intention to set up my own businesses one day soon. Now this is something I’ve heard a few times recently in discussion with different people while talking about my business ideas, but this latest encounter just renewed my conviction and I thought I’d best discuss the subject here.

When people make the big move and the decision to pursue their own business ideas and ventures, it might just be a logical step after education, or it might be the biggest, most frightening career move of their lives (the latter for me thanks). It will be different things to different people, but regardless; to most people you talk to it will be seen as a risk. A risk that you might fail, a risk that you might go so far off-track that you find yourself in deep shit and some form of unwelcome debt. Let’s hope not, but that’s a calculated risk that we’re all likely happy with, having decided that a ‘secure’ career in a well-structured organisation or corporate isn’t for us, and that the rewards of building something for ourselves and being our own boss, are sufficient to outweigh the potential failings.

So what’s on our side?

Well, as my new colleague quite aptly put it; a lot of people either take the plunge and make the move to set up business while they are young, fresh out of Uni or similar, or alternatively, when they’re quite a bit older, with savings, experience and contacts behind them. Benefits to both in some eyes, but I’m taking the early approach and as has been said before ‘What better time than now?’. I’m 24, recently out of Uni, got a couple of years work experience behind me and some options to fall back on, but perhaps more key – I’ve got no dependents. I’m not married (single even), no children, have no mortgage, no car, no high value assets or debts (other than the standard student loan). So in essence, I’ve not got so much to lose. I’m at an advantage here because not everything’s hanging in the balance. I can throw all my efforts, time and resources behind a venture, and if it all goes Pete Tong, at least I don’t lose the house, the wife and the kids!

I think I’ll still be trying to launch big and bold ideas even when the wife and kids have arrived, but I think the thing to take from this is that there really is nothing to hold you back from taking that jump and making the investment in yourself whilst you’re young, free, motivated and driven.