You will not learn in a comfortable environment

It’s been a long couple of weeks…

I have learnt an awful lot. I can finally sense that my knowledge of CRM and Social Media is broadening by the day. I’ve spent the last two weeks managing this area of the business, getting to grips with pretty much everything, and I can safely say that despite the challenge, it’s been fantastic. I’ve had learn everything in my department inside out, back to front, missing no corners, during a time when the department is slowly expanding it’s activity. I’ve had to ensure that the department’s figures are not only being maintained, but are demonstrating progress. I’ve truly learnt that when placed in a situation of unfamiliarity, somewhere outside of my comfort zone, one is able to learn the most.

Last week myself and the The New Entrepreneurs Foundation got the opportunity to attend a workshop led by Universal McCann at The Guardian. We were even more privileged to be graced by the presence of The Guardian’s CCO David Pemsel (the man behind the ad campaign Three Little Pigs), who provided us insight into his ten most worthy tips he has learned during his career. These tips have helped me the past couple of weeks, so I thought to share them:

1. Pace of change: Learn to adapt. Get used to inconsistencies.

2. Learn to mitigate risk. ’Establish the depth of the water before you jump into it’.

3. Creating teams. Look for the people who want to prove themselves. Develop a team that encompasses a mix of skill sets.

4. Be curious.

5. If things are good, bad is never far away. Be cautious.

6. Companies and brands no longer own the conversation. The strongest form of conversion is peer to peer recommendation. Make your brand social. Differentiate your brand in positive ways.

7. Prioritise ruthlessly. 5 is the magic number. Pick 5 priorities and complete them perfectly.

8. Spend time out. Be aware of the busy manager. Busy does not mean successful.

9. Sustainability is now the job of everyone. Purpose overrides profit. A business is not a business if all it does is make money. Be conscious of your consumers and the world at large.

10. Learn and relearn. When changes arise, relearn.

And to end, as David Pemsel put so perfectly “you will not learn in a comfortable environment”. Stretch yourself, step out of your comfort zone. As aforementioned, the last few weeks have forced me out of my comfort zone, it was not one chosen by choice. I can now speak from experience, that the last couple of weeks have seen me learn more than I could have possibly imagined.