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Beyond the first business
This week, the Centre for Entrepreneurs and Coutts launched a new publication, ‘Beyond the first business: the myths, risks and rewards of being a serial entrepreneur’. The report explores the dynamics of serial entrepreneurship in the UK and provides a guide for entrepreneurs looking to start their second, third, fourth or even tenth venture. Read the report


Corporation tax could soon be abolished for small firms
Mail Online: Corporation tax may be scrapped entirely for micro businesses under plans unveiled by the Office for Tax Simplification. In its place, shareholders would pay tax on distributed profits. Read more. Read the report (pdf)

Baroness Mone publishes ‘Be the boss’ review Entrepreneur Baroness Mone has unveiled the findings of her independent review to help increase business startups in the most disadvantaged communities across Great Britain. Read more. Read the report (pdf)

New measures to cut £10bn in red tape
Economia: The government will look into “unnecessary burdens” placed on businesses by local authorities in a bid to deliver its plan to cut £10bn of red tape. Read more. Contribute to the review

IOD: UK broadband ambition needs to be “a thousand times” higher
CityAM: The Institute of Directors has accused the government of “a poverty of ambition” when it comes to broadband speeds. In its latest report, ‘Ultrafast Britain’, the IOD calls for a new target of 10 gigabits per second by 2030 – 1,000 times faster than the current official aim of 10 megabits per second by 2020. Read more.


The challenge of moving from a multinational to being an entrepreneur
Anna WIlliams (co-founder, Curve) recounts her move from working for Microsoft to starting her own business. Read more

Why we turned down $100m for our business
By Guy Mucklow (co-founder & CEO, PCA Predict). Read more

Are universities doing enough to help students start businesses?
A quarter of students have started, or plan to start a venture at university, but the numbers fall post-graduation, writes Mark Smith (Guardian). Read more.

Floods destroyed our business – rebuilding it has been exhausting
From insurance to water-proofing, Daphne Eddington (owner, Braithwaite General Store) is hoping to rebuild her business in time for Easter tourists. Read more


Uber: a route out of French banlieues (£)
FT: Ride-hailing apps have created jobs for Paris’ poorer youth, but a regulatory clampdown looms. Read more